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Vegcal Tabs .

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  • Vegetarian sourced calcium
  • Strong Bones and Ligaments
  • Supports healthy Joints, Bones and Skin


Calcium is an essential element required for several life processes as a structural component.

Calcium is required for formation, maintenance of skeleton and teeth. It is also required for a number of other essential processes. It is required for normal contraction of muscle to make limbs move, contraction of heart and for its normal function, nervous activity and blood clotting. It helps in various body functions so adequate intake is must for optimum health.

According to Indian council of medical research (2010) recommendations, 600 mg per day recommended for adults. It is not easy to get this much from normal daily diet because certain foods like green leafy vegetables, whole cereal grains and many other contain oxalates which bind calcium to form insoluble calcium oxalates and thus render calcium unavailable to the body. Calcium present in bones helps to maintain ca level in blood in the face of dietary calcium deficiency and results into fragile bones make them weak.

The VEGCAL tablets provide combination of calcium gluconate and vitamin D3 which makes calcium more bioavailable to the body keep all the systems well especially bones. Remain free from bone illnesses even in the late years of life.

Recommended dose: 

Take 1 tablet twice a day with water or milk.

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